This Is My Somewhere

Princess Jelly Bean and Escape to Sweethaven were among my first self-published titles. Yes, I wrote about fairy tale candy and a world full of animated pastries. The why of such a fixation is fodder for another post.

These stories were, after all, much more mature than an earlier manuscript entitled Snuggles’ Adventure. That naive tale simply told of my sister’s stuffed bear that was named after the face of the fabric softener of the day.

I have been writing in some form or fashion as long as I can remember. And my earliest dreams of future profession were that I would be a published writer. My favorite gadget for a few tween years was an old typewriter my dad gave me. Instead of pop culture magazines, I read writers’ and publishing guides. My competition of choice for a while was a good essay contest. And I have half-filled more journals in my day than I know to count.

Half-filled… because life happens. I am the queen of start and stop, distracted by other fun opportunities that crop up or the next glitzy idea. And I have in the past been a pro at holding back for the sake of image management – scared of what some might gossip, not ready for the eventual criticism or not wanting to publicly fail. These things have kept me from, among other, jumping into my own piece of virtual real estate on the road to learn if and how dreams might come true.

Not anymore.

Motherhood is challenging me to face new-to-me depth of thought and conviction and find the words to express them. It is urging me to order my head and to practice my voice and to both document and model how I hope my children will live.

And so on the eve of the eve of my return to full-time work after having my second baby only twenty-three months after my first, I am launching this. Because that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? I don’t have enough demands and I have a surplus of spare time I am looking fill.

Or maybe it’s because the return to a new normal needs to include a space that is mine and only mine. And then in choosing to share what happens in that space, there will be an accountability for giving testimony to the blessings, the lessons, the journey to understand and to steward.

If to get anywhere that’s worth going you have to start somewhere, that is this for me.

This is my somewhere.


  1. Diego Sarmiento | 2nd Apr 17

    Real, pure, honest talent. So proud that you are finally sharing your thoughts and experiences in life. I am a very proud husband. Keep going, keep fighting and please, keep writing!!

    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Thank you for the constant support, Diego! I love you.

  2. Phil Johnston | 2nd Apr 17

    This is a nice way to share with others, Emily. You are an excellent writer.

    God has given you innumerable opportunities to discover aspects of the world and family life that can be shared in this manner. By sharing them with us, we each benefit from what you have seen and felt.

    Because you care, you therefore share.

    With love,


    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, Dad. I appreciate it so!

  3. Heidi Partlow | 2nd Apr 17

    Wow! Excited for you friend. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and learning along with you.

    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Thanks so much, Heidi. Thanks for walking alongside on the journey!

  4. Adele | 2nd Apr 17

    I love that you are not only doing this but being vulnerable and sharing it. I look forward to reading more. Hugs from down south in Belize.

    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Adéle, I really appreciate that support. Hugs back to you! Looking forward to August.

  5. Jeremy | 2nd Apr 17

    So glad you are writing and sharing your experience in this way. Good luck as you head back to work.

    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Jeremy, that means a lot. Thanks for taking the time to check it out and share your support. And thanks for the wishes on return to work!

  6. Gloria Johnston | 2nd Apr 17

    I look forward to reading your words. For me, they will make the miles between us seem less. I regret that I haven’t gotten to know you better so this will help. I echo your dad’s comments completely. It’s pretty obvious to me that you both have wondrous abilities at communicating heart to heart.
    Best of luck but you don’t really need it because you are truly blessed❣ Love you.

    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Thank you so much, Aunt Gloria. I look forward to you being a part of this as things go. Hugs to you.

  7. Scott Todd | 2nd Apr 17

    Write! Never care how many likes or shares and never bend your voice to create “likes”. Be you and do it because it’s in you! You’ve got to deliver that message God put in you and you won’t even really know what it is until it’s delivered. Kinda like a baby – and it might hurt a little too. I love the first two comments – Diego and Dad, awesome. Write when you’re inspired, write when you told yourself you would (even when the inspiration is wandering off in some desert), write because you always wanted to, write to test the words on us, and write because that is what writers do. May God gift you with words and may your labor of assembling them, editing them and getting frustrated with them, lead you to insights and deeper conviction and clarity about the unique message that God gave you. Your children will receive a great gift and I’m sure many others will as well.

    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Scott, that is the best advice anyone could give me, and I cherish it. Thank you for stopping in and cheering me on. I am humbled and grateful. And I will be saving these words of wisdom to guide me as I go, truly.

  8. Monica Santiago | 2nd Apr 17

    So happy to see this. You are a very talented writer. I can’t wait to read all your stories. Many blessings to you on this wonderful adventure. Love you mucho

    • Numbering My Days | 2nd Apr 17

      Moni, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. It means a lot. Love you mucho, too.

  9. Ika Batubara | 3rd Apr 17

    Emily, I’m so happy that you decided to share your thoughts, feelings and being vulnerable. I know you have a lot to share with the world. 😃 Can’t wait to read more from you. Keep writing!

    • Numbering My Days | 3rd Apr 17

      Ika, thank you so much! I so appreciate your support and willingness to come along for the ride.

  10. Anna | 4th Apr 17

    Em, best part of reading this for me was – Half-filled… because life happens. I am the queen of start and stop, distracted by other fun opportunities that crop up or the next glitzy idea. Loving your somewhere and I look forward to reading more… so yes, write…we need more vulnerability, if for anything to give life more meaning as we read through your journey!! 🙂

    • Numbering My Days | 9th Apr 17

      Yes, start and stop… not the first time. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Anna. Glad to have you peeking in on things.

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