The Mom I Pray To Be

I choose to celebrate this Mother’s Day by praying to live a life worthy of the calling God so generously placed on me when he made me your Mom, sweet babies. With everything in me, I pray to see with spiritual eyes and steward well the whole of this opportunity.

You are eternal souls, first launched into being through a physical body at the time God allowed you to grow in mine. I pray to clearly see eternity stretched before you and to lead you in truth towards it. I pray that I show you how to love and live for God with sincerity and congruence, in ways my words only reaffirm what my actions already told you. And I pray that my testimony draws you close, never pushes you away.

You were created in the image of your Heavenly Father. I pray I always treat you with the dignity you deserve because of bearing His likeness. I might look for my nose on you or how similar is the shape of our ears, but I pray I look even closer to see and call out most His appearance. And as I see Him in you, I pray that I cherish and celebrate all of your uniquenesses that reflect His creativity.

You were sent to this world because God has a plan and a purpose for you. I pray I always see you as complete persons who were packed with potential from the day you were born. I pray the wisdom to help you find and unleash everything He put inside you that the world desperately needs. And I pray I always celebrate that process with you, slowly unwrapping together the gift of life you’ve been given and the gift I’ve been given to witness you live it.

You are human, made for a range of emotions and experiences. I pray that every day I am with you, whether living under the same roof now or later not, that I take the time to look into your eyes – to really look into your eyes – and sense how and where you are on this journey. I pray to understand who you are and how you respond at each stage of life. Then I pray I can be an instrument to pour into you whatever you need right then. In doing so, I pray I give of myself generously, without condition or expectation, simply because you are you and not for anything I ask you to recognize or do for me.

We are all together a family, the closest unit of human life. I pray I show you how to love and partner well in marriage and in parenting. I pray I make our home a joyful place that your father and you run home to, an oasis from the crazy, where you always know what arms await and what unconditional acceptance you’ll find. I pray you are truly you in this place. I pray your good memories here far outnumber and outweigh any bad. I pray our home is ever welcoming and a haven, no matter where life takes you or what the world shows you. I pray for all your days this place is among your favorites to be.

You are your own persons. This is your life to live, not mine to design. I am a guide and protector but for a short while. I pray the heart to support you no matter what. And I pray that my role in your life will be as a safe place and home base, the rock you come back to when you need reminder of what is right and true. When you need encouragement or the recall that you can. The things that excite you and that you celebrate, I pray to see those through your eyes and to enjoy them with you. And I pray that our relationship will extend into closeness with whomever you choose to make your own families some day.

You are watching me, I know. I pray I am selfless enough to teach you how to serve, but owning of myself enough that I also show you that. How to live into and steward talents given. How to love God and love family well in different ways in different seasons. I pray the ability to identify my own weaknesses and the courage to address them, to show you how to overcome. I pray I am honest with you about my failures, helping you see how to not repeat mistakes. I pray I learn all I can from everything life throws at me so I am prepared to offer help when challenges come your way. And I pray I raise you so that I see your respect of me, but naturally accompanied by your love because I loved and respected you first.

You will make mistakes and need correction. I cringe at this because I never want to see you suffer in any way, whether from consequences or punishment. So I will try my best to discipline and counsel appropriately. I pray I know what to call out when and how to do so in a way that builds your spirit, never tears it down. I pray the patience and the words to carefully explain to you the why. I pray God’s guidance to evolve my style with you as you grow, all throughout your life. And I pray you always see my heart and never doubt my intentions in the process.

My fulfilling this role of motherhood will be far from perfect, I know, my sweet babies. I may pray and pray, but in my humanness I will stumble and fall. I haven’t been Mom before, and I am learning and growing and being corrected just as you are. And so I pray for the sensitivity to recognize when I have messed up, the humility to ask for your forgiveness, the grace to receive it, the strength to also forgive myself, and for God to redeem everything and make of it something beautiful.

I honestly say today I never want to see end this new life that started with you. So while I pray health and long life and every happiness for you, I also pray health and long life for me to have sufficient opportunity to let you know just how beautiful you have made my world.

Much is required of me because much was given to me when God gave me you. I was favored to become your Mom, and I pray for His continued favor in order to be Mom well.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


  1. Diego Sarmiento | 14th May 17

    B e a u t i f u l!!

  2. Phil Johnston | 14th May 17

    Wonderful words of love and wisdom, Emily.

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