About Me

I am a Jesus follower, wife and mother to two very young treasures. I also currently serve as a program strategist working on behalf of children in poverty. I am a reformed overachiever who desires to make the right things the main things at the right time.

I have studied, I have traveled, I have led… but nothing has made me think about life and legacy more than becoming a mom a few short years ago. No other experience has so motivated me to pray the psalmist’s prayer, that God would teach me to number my days so I might have a heart of wisdom to understand what matters most. This place portrays that journey.

My favorite thing in the world is, with my hubby, to watch my children laugh and discover. Then – not necessarily in order – comes writing, being among the pines, learning something new, good food, and time with more family and great friends.

My name means “industrious, worker for the Lord, branch of the vine.” That branding is a gift to me. I aspire to live up to it.


About My Topics

I write mainly about:

  • Faith. It may be the latest lesson God is teaching me or a truth of which I need to remind myself. I may have things right or I may still have it wrong and be working it out with my words.
  • Family. There are so many things growing in my heart these days as I partner with my husband to raise our toddler son and baby daughter. This is truly the stuff of life.
  • Leadership. It might be how not to do things or it might be other philosophies I’ve come to, all conclusions drawn from experience, formal study and careful observation of leaders in action.
  • Personal growth. These might be confessions of the things I’m trying to grow in and disciplines I’m trying to practice. Like writing here. Or they might be insights I’ve discovered.


Why I Write

I write in order to:

  • Capture moments. There are lessons and feelings that I know I’ll not recall the same unless I take the time to put them into words. The 12,000+ photos in my phone don’t record everything.
  • Decipher what I am learning. I often have a lot rattling around in my head. Until I sit down to sort it out on the keyboard, I may miss the point – or not be able to let it go.
  • Affirm what I believe. Sometimes I am summarizing a new conclusion and sometimes I write to remind myself what I already know. Quite honestly, I may also be talking myself through the tougher parts of this season.
  • Find and refine my voice. Writing here is practice for me. It is about finding words and principles to lead better in family and vocation and whatever else God has in store.
  • Fuel a passion. I write because I love it. And because doing that thing I love helps me reflect and commit and grow and be accountable. And it’s a space that’s mine in this stage of life where it’s hard to find it elsewhere. It is the dessert of my day.
“You are not required to save the world, or anyone for that matter, with your art. It isn’t valuable only if it rescues or raises money or makes an enormous impact. It can simply be for the love of it. That is not frivolous or selfish in the slightest. If the only person it saves is you, that’s enough.”
– Jen Hatmaker


When I Post

I am currently trying to post at least once a month. I capture ideas in bits and pieces on my phone throughout the days. Then, whenever I can steal a few minutes to sit and focus, I bless Apple that those bits show up on my laptop and I can rough ideas together.

I am choosing to extend myself grace if I don’t post as consistently as I would want. Sometimes, not writing may be the best answer to what matters most at the moment.


What You’ll Find

If you choose to read, I hope you find:

  • Authenticity. Whether in person or on a screen, I always want to be real and candid. Truth in love, and no pretense. I now know I don’t have anything to prove and I don’t have it all together, but I aim to be better tomorrow than I am today.
  • An integrated life. This journey is all one thing, as I am all one thing. My spiritual, personal and professional life integrate at the same place, and that is the nexus of my soul, heart and mind. On any given topic, you’ll likely see this.
  • Encouragement. We all need it. I hope I can offer some.


You are welcome to join this journey any time.

Pursuing a life of what matters most,

Emily Sarmiento